Welcome to the Abortion Surgery Center

If, someday, you need the professional services of the Abortion Surgery Center; rest assured our experienced staff will treat you like we would expect to be treated if we were the patient.



Larry Burns, D.O. 
Medical Director






The Abortion Surgery Center has been in Norman, Oklahoma since February 1974. The Center is a 3600sq.ft. brick building, designed specifically for 1st trimester abortion surgeries.

We have a large reception area, a private interview room, 2 exam rooms with ultrasounds, a surgery suite and 4 recovery rooms.

The Center is a free standing structure and patients and staff have off-street parking in our private parking lot. The Abortion Surgery Center is licensed and inspected yearly by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.


...more important was the understanding and respect with which you treat your patients...

...I have never felt so comfortable being at a doctor's office...

...last thoughts on my mind when I left the clinic were of gratitude for the safety and security which your kindness imparted...

...you are all very special people and I would not have made it through this decision without your care and support...


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Effective Nov. 1, 2015, Oklahoma HB1409 requires that we add the following state sponsored information and link on our website.

The State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision maintains a website containing information about the development of the unborn child, as well as video of ultrasound images of the unborn child at various stages of development. The Board's website can be reach by clicking here: www.awomansright.org.